An observation from a Road Warrior

I like to consider myself a photographic observer. I always have my camera in hand to preserve moments sublime and beautiful for cherished safekeeping. I’m fortunate to fly twice a week for work and experience sights only seen from high. I like to see the world through God’s eyes as it were. I see new and wondrous things always; like catching a piece of a rainbow in the clouds 20,000 feet high, watching snaking rivers in the green ground below, enjoying scarlet and orange sunsets and partaking of the glorious ever changing clouds. Watching lightning flit from thunderhead to thunderhead while in the clouds is amazing. Clouds are like mercury, always changing shape and moving. Sometimes they’re cottony and soft or thundering and tall. Wisps of white tails may trail behind or the sun can gloriously strike angles creating a beauty as majestic as sunlight on the mountains. Some days the sky is blue, other times it’s white or drizzle grey. The world, and my observations in it, are ever changing. May I always appreciate this mindful attention as there is so much to appreciate if I but look and see.